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Saturday, January 03, 2009

pomegranate, by carol lambert


a feast for the eyes

I met Carol Lambert in person last summer at the South Anchorage Farmers’ Market. But I already knew of her through her beautiful oil paintings—many of which feature fresh Alaskan produce. She buys her produce at the farmers’ market, paints it, then eats it! When she’s not at her day job, she likes to do a painting a day! You can see her other small paintings on her gorgeous blog, Carol Lambert Artworks. Her paintings are so beautiful, and I especially love the fruits and vegetables. Check out her radishes and strawberries! I wouldn’t call myself an art collector, but come on! Talk about right up my alley…

Last week Carol told me that she was going to paint one of our Rise & Shine Bakery loaves! And even more exciting, she’d paint it during her First Friday stint at Charlie’s Club 25 in downtown Anchorage. She spends the whole day painting there, chatting with people who come to see her artwork. I’d been wanting to visit her, and the prospect of watching our fruited almond loaf being immortalized in oils was an irresistible draw! So even though it was fifteen degrees below zero yesterday, we bundled up for the outing.

I’ll admit, I’d been eyeing the pomegranate painting on her blog for a while now. Since Carol is a customer of our brand-new venture, the Glacier Valley Farm CSA program, I asked her if this particular pomegranate came from our CSA box—and it did! Well, I just couldn’t help myself. I bought the painting, and it’s even prettier in real life. I love it!

Carol’s going to bring the painting over on Sunday, and it’ll be fun to decide where to hang it! But there’s just one little problem…  I had assumed I’d want to buy the painting of our bread, and it looked gorgeous even before it was completely finished! But now I’ve blown my Christmas allowance on the pomegranate. Maybe I’ll have to start a new tradition of buying artwork to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

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